Brand: Tom Ford

Model: Spector FT0708   Color: Gold 

Eyewear @ The Vantage doesn't sell online.
Here are six reasons why: 


1.  Sharp vision starts with quality frames.

Online eyewear is often a cheaper knockoff of original designer brands. It may look the same, but chances are it won’t last and will be difficult to adjust.

2.  Several cheap pairs do not equal one good pair.

While several cheap pairs of eyeglass frames may total
the cost of one
good pair, you’ll suffer wearing lesser quality and take the chance of jeopardizing your vision.

3.  Virtual and at-home try-ons are iffy.

Eyeglasses will never look exactly the way they do on the website. There are so many variables to consider

that you will never have a true idea of fit or appearance.

And if you get it wrong, not only will your frames be uncomfortable, your vision may suffer.

4.  Choosing the right lens options is important.

What kind of material? Level of UV protection?
Anti-reflective coating? If you're unsure about these
and more, you
could end up buying lenses that hinder
your eyesight.

5.  Bifocals or progressive lenses can be tricky.

Measuring accurate pupil distance is easy to get wrong.  Then your lenses will be wrong, and an incorrect prescription may result in blurred vision or uncomfortable eyes. A large study found about half the online glasses had the wrong prescription or other problems.*

6.  Searching online can take forever.

Online eyewear stores may have a decent selection of frames, but you have to comb through nearly all of
them to 
compare the ones you’re really interested in. Who has time for that?

* University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine & Public Health, 2017


Brand: OGI

Model: 9224,   Color: 2111