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Check 'em out in our NEW VIDEO starring:
Owner, Kathy Leoni, and Salesfriends,
Mike and Kathleen.


        LOOK WHAT We're doing for you!

 now...Make a "just-for-you" *appointment!

no waiting. the time you book is only for you.

                          Tuesday thru Friday - 10 am to 5 pm
                                 Saturday - 10 am to 3 pm

                            Closed - Sunday and Monday

             Just call us at 216.514.3322

          *appointments recommended

discover "the Kathy effect"

If you'd love a pair of designer frames that look and feel absolutely fabulous (complete with top name lenses that give you the sharp vision you seek), then it's time to treat yourself to what Eyewear @ The Vantage customers call “The Kathy Effect." 

“The Kathy Effect” is experienced each time a customer enters our Beachwood, Ohio eyeglass shop and is greeted by owner Kathy Leoni or one of her amazing staff members.


It's the delicious comfort of being taken care of personally and properly. It's the delightful assurance that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.


Most of all, it's knowing that as soon as you slip on your new frames, pretty much everyone

and their cousin will be asking the question that leaves you feeling like an absolute fashion icon: "Where'd you get your glasses?"

Keep scrolling down to meet Kathy...

Kathy Gloger Leoni is the owner of Eyewear@The Vantage and is also a licensed optician in the state
of Ohio.


A Cleveland girl her entire life, Kathy began her career in the optical industry at a young age, and her philosophy in fitting eyewear has never changed. She believes there are no shortcuts to finding the right frame
and achieving the ideal fitting.

Kathy has built her extensive following and glowing reputation on her meticulous attention to fitting eyewear manufactured to exacting standards.

A former competitive ballroom dancer, Kathy is married to Roberto Leoni. She is the mother of four cats, stepmother to three great kids, and grandmother of eight. When she’s not greeting customers and making new friends who shop Eyewear@The Vantage, she likes to tend her home garden.

Love Kathy's specs? Get them for yourself.

Brand:  Jimmy Choo     Model:  Gotha  


New Three_edited_edited.jpg
New Four_edited_edited.jpg

Love Kathy's specs? Get them for yourself.

Brand:  David Ford   Model:  Chester              

New One_edited.jpg
New Five_edited.jpg

Love Kathy's specs? Get them for yourself.

Brand:  Lara D'   Model:  Vestia    

Love Kathy's specs? Get them for yourself.

Brand:  Philosopheyes  Model:  PHP954  

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